Port Campbell Boat Charters

Port Campbell Accommodation can be found to suit all tastes and budgets.

Scenic Tours

Port Campbell Boat ChartersThe Port Campbell coastline and the region along the Great Ocean Road is famous for its beauty. Scenic tours are offered along the spectacular coastline so you can see the beauty up close for yourself. You will also learn about the history of the Shipwreck Coast and the local region.

Fishing Trips

Port Campbell Boat Charters offer you the opportunity to catch some great fish! Both novice and expert anglers are catered for, with fishing trips ranging from 3 to 8 hours in duration.

Diving & Snorkelling Tours

If you enjoy diving, then the Shipwreck Coast is the place for you. Port Campbell Boat Charters offer diving and snorkelling tours out to some of the greatest shipwreck sites in Australia.

Located toward the end of the Great Ocean Road between Warrnambool and Lavers Hill on Campbell’s Creek is the quaint fishing village of Port Campbell. This scenic coastline village offers beautiful scenic views that are unforgettable. The village is nestled beneath the soaring cliffs. These are just a few of the many things that will please one and all.

This quaint town no doubt is a popular tourist attraction because of its location near the Great Ocean Road’s most well known coastal attractions. The Twelve Apostles is the most famous attraction and is a series of offshore limestone stacks. Over the years some have collapsed due to erosion from the sea. There are eight now standing.

The coastline surrounding the village area offers steep rocky cliffs and beautiful white sandy beaches. The contrast from cliffs to shore offers stunning beauty. London Bridge and Loch Ard Gorge are also nearby and are something unique and beautiful to behold. You might also find time to visit Gibson Steps and the gorgeous Bay of Islands.

Port Campbell Boat Charters offer diving and snorkelling tours.

Port Campbell Boat ChartersThe town center of Port Campbell is the tree lined Lord Street. Lord Street boasts an abundance of cafes, restaurants and shopping. The cafes and restaurants provide delicious foods. The menus offer a selection for a wide range of tastes and budgets. The bakeries offer the most wonderful baked goods and delicious desserts. There are many specialty shops which carry work from the local artisans, crafters and textiles. Be sure to check out the many galleries that you will come across as you stroll the streets of Port Campbell. The local markets during the summer months are loved by all the tourists.

The local fishing fleets ensure a constant supply of fresh fish to the restaurants and markets. For the angler there is fishing from the shore or from the pier. Also charter boats are available for those who would like to pursue the larger catches.

Port Campbell Accommodation can be found to suit all tastes and budgets. Beautiful luxurious apartments for those who would like to splurge. There are also great motels, bed and breakfasts and cabins. For those who are budget minded there are even farm stays. You most assuredly will be able to find accommodations that will make you happy.

Port Campbell Boat ChartersThis entire area is a photographers dream and a delight to sightseers. Explore two parks that are close to Port Campbell for those great photo shots. Port Campbell National Park and Bay of Islands National Park offer stunning views and vistas. So make sure you pack your camera.

You can stroll the white sandy beaches or swim in the bay. Surfing in Two Mile Bay has been said to be one of the best big wave breaks in Australia. If scuba diving is what you love then you will love the dive tours at offered here. The dive tours offer dives to the gorges and canyons on the sea floor. Of course snorkeling is another option or just sit back and enjoy the laid back pace of Port Campbell one of the coast’s most beautiful fishing villages.